Welcome to the Registry of American Schooners

For many years, the American Schooner Association has been compiling a database of schooners located in the US and Canada. That database has grown to over 500 schooners, scattered all around North America. While we feel we have been reasonably successful finding schooners, we know we are missing many, particularly undocumented privately owned and Canadian vessels. We know they are out there.

We need your help finding them! This is an ideal crowd sourcing project. Please help us find the missing boats.

If you own a boat, please take a look at the Registry. If your boat is there, but the information is inaccurate or if your boat isn't listed, download the submission form by clicking here and saving the loaded PDF file to your computer. Fill out the information and email it back to us.

If you know of a boat that isn’t listed, please let us know with an email to us at registry@amschooner.net. Any information you can supply, particularly home port, would help us locate information about the boat. If you know the vessel owner, please pass this along to them as well!

While our current emphasis is on schooners of North America, we are happy to include vessels from other areas. Just download the vessel submission form and send it in!

Please help us make the Registry even more useful by working with us to “fill in the blanks” in the database!

Copyright Information
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